We are so excited to start working on your invitation design! To avoid mistakes, this questionnaire will provide all the information we need to move forward. We advise that you have your fiancé look over the information to make sure it is 100% correct. This is the first step where things could be misspelled, and we always want to have all eyes on everything. As a reminder, all spelling errors and corrections are the responsibility of the client. Let us know if you have any further questions on this form!

Formally, whoever is hosting the wedding is included on the invitation.
Are they married?
Are they married?
What date is your wedding?
What date is your wedding?
Typically, the venue name city and state (no zip code). You can add the street address if you'd like.
Would you like Attire included on the invitation? *
What is your Reply By Date? *
What is your Reply By Date?
(typically about a month out from the wedding)
Do you need a space for meal choices? *
Would you like to leave a line for "Number of Seats Reserved"? *
This allows you to fill in the number of people invited, in case you are worried about people bringing dates that should not. We can fill this in for you if you'd like for a $45 fee.
Would you like to leave a line for "Number in Party"? *
This allows the guest to write in how many are in their party. No extra fee, as this would be printed on every card.
Would you like us to number the back of the RSVP cards? *
This keeps track of who the RSVP comes from in case anyone forgets to write their name. We can do this for a $55 fee.
"Details" or "Accommodations" are common.